Microsoft Research Shows Malware Infections Mostly Your Fault

When Microsoft released its Security Intelligence Report it discovered something interesting. Nearly 45 percent of the malware detected by Microsoft’s Malicious Software Removal Tool was acquired by poor user judgement.

Over the past 24 months cyber criminals have shifted their focus to social engineering. In social engineering the element that accounts for the biggest breech of security is the human being.  Humans offer up information without thinking sometimes and this can open the door to hacker attacks.

In Microsoft’s 168 page Security Intelligence Report, Microsoft describes “phishing schemes, spam e-mail, assorted malware, and threats associated with social engineering as “entry mechanisms” for malware and a hacker having complete control of an infected computer.”

Microsoft has taken security very seriously the last 5 or 6 years. So, with the internet the way it is today with all the social media, operating system security and mishaps are directly related to the users.

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