How to Smoke Weed For the First Time

Usually, the first time to smoke weed is always a unique encounter for everyone. Ordinarily, one may expect it to be a pleasant experience but it is always not the case. There are individuals who do not feel anything and there are those who maintain that it was the best they have ever felt. It is important to note that smoking marijuana for the first time may either be climatic and for some people, it is always anticlimactic. Also, there are those who find it confusing and scary. Here we examine how one can smoke weed for the first time.

To smoke weed, an individual should first have it. Therefore, the first step in pretty clear, one should buy it. This is particularly important if an individual wants to do it in a personally accommodating environment. However, if one is at a party with friends it is likely to smoke another person’s weed. One of the best ways to acquire weed is by purchasing it online. To order weed online, one is required to identify a reliable weed store in Ottawa and access the quality of the product provided. The second process is to choose the smoking method. The most appropriate techniques include blunt, bowl and joint among others. Rolling may be difficult especially if someone has never tried it. The most suitable method for a first-timer is using a bowl.

It is recommended that one should ground the weed using a grinder before packing it firmly in the rim of the bowl. Then the user should hold the bowl containing the weed up to his or her mouth, light it and then inhale. When inhaling it is necessary to ensure that you inhale it into the lungs as this can facilitate the effect one is aiming for. It is also necessary to go slow, it is recommended to start with a puff and see its effect before proceeding, then one can take more after ten to twenty minutes.

It is keynoting that there are individuals who mail order cannabis maintain that they did not get high after smoking weed for the first time. This would be an indication that they did not inhale it correctly. The effect of weed should be felt pretty quickly for most people. If one stays for thirty minutes without feeling anything, it is good to try it again. The factors that determine the amount of weed that one can consume include gender, age and one’s metabolism.

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