What is the free writing software? According to http://microsoftarena.net, a large number of writing software and applications are present on the web, but not all of them are good to go with. Whether you are an experienced writer or have recently joined then writing industry, you can always take advantage of some writing applications and software to boost your performance in a short time and to earn a living without any major problem. Here is a list of best and most powerful writing apps and tools for freelance and in-house writers and editors.


It’s absolutely true that Scrivener is not suitable for anyone who is looking to write long essays or articles. If you are in search of a free book writing software, then you may try Scrivener. It is one of the best book writing applications that allows you to feature newspaper articles, short-form content, and images in the final product. Amazingly, Scrivener is trusted by a large number of professional bloggers and writers, and it comes with plenty of features and options.

IA Writer

IA Writer is one of my favorite applications. It is suitable for those who are tired of free Microsoft writing programs and want some better and more impressive writing apps for students. This allows you to write articles and blog posts without any distraction, and the quality is always up to the mark. You can download it on iPhone or a personal laptop and can fix grammatical errors instantly, giving your piece of content a more professional and flawless look. It comes with a full-screen mode that allows you to highlight lines where the spelling errors are present so that you can fix them quickly.

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